Chicago Teeth Whitening On Wheels

Whitening A Brighter Smile – Get the perfect smile you deserve

Mobile Teeth Whitening

On Demand * On Location * On Call * On Time

We have helped many clients get the smile they want and we can help you too.

Our mobile teeth whitening services offer:

    • Home, Office, Hotel, Sets, Banquet Hall visits and more at a time that is convenient, 6 Days a week
    • Trained Teeth Whitening Technicians
    • Measureable results using a teeth whitening shade guide

Chicago Teeth Whitening On Wheels By Whitening Bright Studio cares about our clients. Our teeth whitening service is perfect for removing a build up of stains – coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine to restore your teeth to a natural whiteness.

The teeth whitening treatment takes up-to 60 minutes, based on the clients current teeth shade and the results that is to be achieved. All clients will be given an aftercare sheet to explain the ‘white diet’ you should follow for 48 hours after the teeth whitening session.

 Chicago Teeth Whitening On Wheels By Whitening Bright Studio, take great pride in providing a friendly,effective and professional mobile laser teeth whitening service of the highest standards and care. All of our staff are qualified and services are insured and can guarantee to give you the smile you want.